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Pi Cycle Top Indicator

Updated: Apr 11, 2023


The pi cycle top indicator is made up of two simple moving averages: the 111 day moving average (111SMA) and the 350 day moving average multiplied by 2 (350SMAx2).

In the photo below, you can see the pi cycle top indicator since 2011. One can note that when the turquoise line (111SMA) crosses above the purple line (350SMAx2), the market tends to be near a top.

What to watch for:

Crossover: When the 111-day simple moving average crosses above the 2x multiple of the 350-day simple moving average, it is considered a strong indication of overbought conditions and may signal a market top.

The 111SMA crossing above the 350SMAx2 requires substantial upward price movement. This makes it a significant signal when it happens and a strong indicator of a market top.

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