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Crypto is spearheading a global revolution in world finance. The people need to know. 


That’s why we are here; to decrypt cryptocurrency.


At heart, our mission is to illuminate the path of all those who seek to understand the transformative power of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. We firmly believe in Bitcoin's ability to usher forth a new age of financial independence and shield us from the incessant erosion of our purchasing power.


Central banks and governments hold unparalleled dominion over traditional currencies, controlling supply, value, and every transaction made. The printing presses never cease, diluting the people's wealth while they remain none the wiser.


By owning Bitcoin in a digital wallet, you become your own bank. This can not be underestimated.


MoonWalker Research is a small, yet formidable team of visionaries from North America, bound by their insatiable curiosity and expertise in finance, programming, and Web3. In search of unearthing the hidden truths of cryptocurrency, we’ll unlock the secrets of the fundamental metrics that govern the very lifeblood of the digital ecosystem.


Join us in the pursuit of knowledge.


Dan Dehussy

Sigfried Wynkoop

Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Gai

Michael Wynkoop

Chief Technology Officer

Chris Kushel

Matthew Collaco

Chief Marketing Officer

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